Geek world heaven

If like us you are a bit geeky sometimes, Taiwan is a great place to be. You can buy all the latest electronic toys as well as bigger gadgets, many of which are not sold elsewhere.

Redefining convenience

When we explained to a Taiwanese friend that small towns in the UK and Europe don’t have 7-11 convenience stores, she was shocked. “How do people eat?”, she asked.

Non – ce n’est pas un dish cloth

Arriving somewhere new, it’s normal to find many things that are unfamiliar. But some are totally incomprehensible. Dogs on scooters and dish driers, for example.

We had an air-raid drill today

Taiwan, for decades a pawn on the geopolitical chessboard, has become something more like a bishop or a knight, a much more strategically important piece in the game.

The sounds of Taiwan

After the church bells of Switzerland, the first sound we noticed in Taiwan was the pleasing and lyrical chime that announces the arrival of the garbage truck each evening.

What (not) to wear in tropical weather

When I reached the client’s office all my dignity was gone. Dripping from head to bare-feet, the receptionist hurried forward saying ‘you can’t come in here!’