What does gourmet mean?

Why would any society make high quality, delicious food for some people, and low quality, not-delicious food for others?

Microsoft can learn from Taiwan

In Hong Kong and Singapore we found paying tax was pretty much pain free. Austria was a bit more complicated. Switzerland was the worst. Taiwan was best of all.

When you speak, I understand!

For a tone-deaf foreigner attempting to speak a language with four tones, this was high praise indeed. Speaking Chinese is difficult.

Moving to Taiwan aged us 11 years

It’s not just the date that can be confusing in Taiwan, and which makes everyone seem to be 11 years older. Numbers are different too. Is a 20 ping apartment for 4 wan good?

Something fishy about your name

People can change their names three times in Taiwan. You might get lots of free food, and even make some money, but it can also lead to problems. Is Dr Salmon available?

Repeat after me: Bu hao yi si

Words and actions are what makes the Taiwanese social machine run smoothly. The use of courtesy umbrellas when it rains is great too.

Cold out? You need a bowl of sugar

People need to be very careful about what they say and how they say it in Chinese. Be especially careful about borrowing someone’s pen.